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5238RE: [Hammock Camping] Chet!

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  • Chet Clocksin
    Apr 1, 2004
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      Risk has great pictures of tying this knot on his website   www.imrisk.com
      Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and look under the heading HAMMOCK CAMPING REFERENCES
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      I would like to see a close up  picture of this technique, if anybody has
      one. I cannot see the pictures in the book. I mean, they are there, but they
      are too dark.  Also, would it work with ropes, too, or just straps?


      Ed Speer has a great way of tying this knot to make sure it does not
      slip down the vertical pole.

      Once he has done the 4 wrap knot, he takes the end of the webbing over
      the top rail and then back to the 4-wrap knot, tying it off with an
      easy to release loop knot.  This eliminates any tendency of the knot
      to slip down the pole.  For some types of smooth poles, this could be


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