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5236Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Using bag for underquilt / Ecotat

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  • tjarrell@cox.net
    Apr 1, 2004

      I was very disappointed in the bag and returned it.  It is "like"
      and Ecotat in design, but not an actual Ecotat which I'm pretty sure
      were contract-made by Wiggy's of high quality lamilite insulation. 
      This one is made of very cheap nylon materials.  Plus it's very
      heavy and does not compress much - the one on ebay is the 40F bag
      and weighs 4 lbs list (I didn't weigh the actual).  IMO, you'd be
      much happier finding a higher quality bag that also opens into a

      Actually, I've always wondered why more people don't "recycle" used
      down bags on ebay for use as an underquilt.  Seems that would be
      much cheaper and easier than buying down and making your own and
      probably better construction quality too.  For example, here's one
      random older REI down bag now ( http://tinyurl.com/2bnsy ) at $10. 
      It opens to a quilt and is probably a 20 or 25F bag at 4 lbs.  You
      could cut off the zippers and maybe even part of the width to get

      The North Face down blanket should work pretty well for me for cold
      but not freezing conditions.  I'm using it as an insulator in a
      novel "undershell" that I'll post pics, etc about soon.  Cons: The
      blanket is a bit smaller than the listed dimensions which makes it
      tough to get full body coverage from head to toe.  Also, it's
      stitched through in places but I'm folding it in half so that
      doesn't really matter.  Pros: cheap, light, compressible.  Oh yeah,
      the bag it comes in is fleece lined for a great pillow.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Tom Jarrell" <tjarrell@c...>
      > David,
      > I took a look at the e-bay ecotat and I'm intrigued.  Can you tell
      me more about your impression of the bag.  I was looking to use it
      as a sleeping quilt inside an HH for the summer, or making an outer
      quilt out of it.  The website mentions a 40 degree and a 20
      (possibly 0) degree bag.  Which did you get?  You mentioned a
      Northface down blanket.  How did that turn out?  I've converted an
      extreme cold mummy bag into a winter outer quilt, so I'm moving on
      to have something lighter and usable for the warmer (but not warm
      enough to go bare) months in my HH.
      > Thanks,
      > Tom

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