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5199Re: [Hammock Camping] Warmth: Foam Pad vs. Down/Primaloft

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  • amy
    Mar 30, 2004
      On Tuesday, March 30, 2004, at 06:05 PM, chcoa wrote:

      > I have spent the winter reading all the emails on this subject in
      > eager anticipation for my own trials next winter when I'm not prego.
      > In addition to the benefit Bear mentioned I also think an underquilt
      > or peapod system is nice because you could always use either as a
      > around the camp blanket. A pad on the other hand is nice if you need
      > to sit on the ground (although with a hammock, why?) or if you have
      > to sleep on the ground. My conclusion so far is to own and know what
      > temps you can get to with both then use whatever system will work for
      > the trail you are going to be on. I like flexibility. :)

      Last year I had several nights where I couldn't set up my hammock. Once
      was at Partnership shelter. I wanted the takeout food, and they don't
      tenting or hammocking, so.. :)

      Another time was in a rhododendron hell. I searched quite a while
      to find something to tie up to and ended up sleeping in the shelter. On
      my lousy thin Z-rest. Nights like that make me wish I carried a

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