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  • firefly
    Mar 30, 2004
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      After having successfully made the galvanized steel hammock stand Sunday, I
      set up my Hammock Bliss parachute cloth hammock yesterday, and the McCat
      Deluxe tarp. I had fiddled around and had the hammock much lower to the
      ground than I usually like, about 3 inches butt clearance with me in it. The
      stand is 6 feet tall. I draped the McCat over it, and made it inside just in
      time to keep from getting drenched by rain. This was a torrential downpour,
      with blowing rain. The only dampness I got was a little bit of blow off from
      the drip from the tarp, but that was only because I was so low. I was
      looking up at the edges of the tarp. There was no blowing noise, and when
      there was a lull in the action, I got up and raised the hammock about 6
      inches. Under these circumstances, I got no moisture at all. I LOVED being
      under there! It was actually more fun in the rain than without the rain.
      Brian, I hope you're reading this!
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