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5174sil-nylon tips

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  • Francois
    Mar 29, 2004
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      Hello! I made a ray-way tarp this winter and that was quite a
      challenge for me! A few things I learned:
      -paper clips work to keep it togheter (the small black ones)
      -a good needle prevents broken tread, change often
      -if you don't care that much, lay your fabric on hardwood floor with
      some weights and cut with an exacto knife, works like a charm! (my
      floor is 80 years old anyway!)
      -watch-out not to sew 2-3 layers of fabric at the same time, it tends
      to get back in the machine and fold without notice (sooo frustrating!)
      -do not follow the ripstop lines, they're not straight (i learned the
      hard way)

      thats it! I'm about the worst sewer ever but now I have a nice tarp
      (if you don't look too close:), hope it helped.