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5169Just FInished a double bottom Hammock + Silnylon tips

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  • matthulbert
    Mar 29, 2004
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      I just finished my double layer (1.1oz) hammock. It's great! I have a
      couple comments (and thanks to all who have contributed to this forum!):

      I bought a butane-powered soldering iron to cut the nylon (you can use
      a regular one, but the butane one is "cordless"). It's a 40 watt one
      from Radio Shack. It's a perfect tool for cutting the nylong. Very nice.

      The 1.1 ounce ripstop nylon from Thru-hiker is really nice (as is the

      Sewing the 1.1 ounce ripstop is really easy. It didn't take me long to
      get the hang of doing the seams on-the-fly.

      I'm going to make a tarp like Risk's (he's my hero) that's 5' x 10'
      out of Silnylon.

      It looks like the silnylong is going to be significantly harder to do
      the edge seams. Does tape help hold it? I want to make the seam about
      3/4" so I can reinforce the tie-outs with some webbing (a la Ray
      Jardine's book).

      The reinforced corners are making things harder, since I can't pin the
      reinforcements to the silnylong. It seems that masking tape may work.
      I read that someone sewed through tape then removed it after the
      sewing is done.

      Anyone have silnylon tips?

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