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5167[Hammock Camping] Re: Ed:Knots?

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  • Ray Garlington
    Mar 29, 2004
      The rope has not worn the material in any significant way, and
      besides, it is on the side of the knot away from the body, and which
      is bundled together. In this area a small tear will not grow the way
      it will on the body side of the hammock where it is stretched). The
      main advantage of this method (in picture 6) is that it can be
      easily untied and the body readjusted, which is convenient at first.

      The rope in the picture is nylon which stretches too much. I'm now
      using a braded poly rope with a working strength around 230 lbs. I
      also use a small ridge line (spectra pulse 1/16") to make pitching
      the hammock faster and more repeatable.

      You can definitely run a strap through instead of rope.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "firefly" <firefly@e...>
      > I like your way. Now sewing. I don't sew. I always end up dumping
      my sewing
      > projects on my mother..... The rope does not abrade the hammock
      > What kind of rope are you using? I am wondering if a strap run
      through there
      > might also work, for those of us who like straps..
      > Marsanne
      > Sorry to horn in, but if you don't have anything against ropes, you
      > can try what I've been using. Take a look in my photo folder.
      > Picture number 6 show an alternate way to deal with the speer knot.
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