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5157Re: 2nd hanging trip

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    Mar 29, 2004
      This one was a little more the way hanging should be. Nowhere near as
      hostile as the first trip. Nightime temps around 30 degrees, wind was
      limited to a few gusts that still have me baffled as to the pitching of
      the tarp. I added 2 ft.of 1/4 in.shock cord to the tarp rings so that
      when i pitch it i can tension it enough. I did notice that when i wake
      up in the morning i'm about 11/2 ft. lower than when i crawled in it at
      night. What is it that keeps stretching over the night. Is it the nylon
      material or the ropes that stretch. The tension that i put on the tarp
      was gone and the tarp was limp. I think next time i'm going to try the
      second line above the hammock. It sure was comfortable compared to the
      ground sleeping i'm use to. And i can't wait until it gets warm enough
      that i can get rid of the sleeping pad. At what temp can you get rid of
      the pad and sleep right in the hammock. I can see that as soon as one of
      the underquilts are perfected for the hennessy it's mine. Assuming it
      comes out for sale by a reputable sewer. I an see that brians tarp is
      going to be an asset to me. I'm anxiously awaiting my turn in line for
      the tarp. Take your time brian, i know things seem to be a little hectic
      at first but it will slow down to a more moderate pace over
      time.Substituting speed for quality is usually a recipe for disaster.

      It helps to remember that the river, while powerful,isn't menacing or
      deliberately hurtful. That we willingly enter her world, and accept the
      objective dangers as part of the price of admission.
      Bob Mac