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5132Re: Using bag for underquilt / Ecotat

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  • dtwadsworth
    Mar 27, 2004

      Pretty amazing coincidence, I just bought that bag from the same
      seller last week to try as an underquilt. Turns out it's only like
      an Ecotat bag in form, not in materials, weight, or construction.
      The seller said I should have known it wasn't an actual Ecotat bag
      because of the price! I guess that somehow makes the misleading
      description okay... The bag shipped was different than the ebay
      picture (which I believe is a Wiggy's made Ecotat) and was made in
      China for RTC Sports (the ebay seller's company). You can buy it
      directly at rtcsports.com for $23 although I'd advise against it
      even at that price!

      Anyway, I moved on to Plan B and bought a new North Face Nuptse
      down blanket for ~$39 and will be trying that as an underquilt when
      it arrives on Monday. It's only 60" x 66" but I'll attach it on the
      diagonal (should be ~89") to hopefully get enough coverage. It's
      only 18 oz. so probably not a lot of loft but I'm only looking for a
      solution good to about 35 - 38F. I'll let the group know how this
      test goes next week...


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "thomaskelsonl"
      <thomaskelsonl@e...> wrote:
      > Yes - very cool. If I understand this item right, another option
      > (not so much sewing!) would be to get an ecotat sleeping bag
      > (lamilite filled - very warm , as I have a Wiggy's bag which uses
      > that). The ecotat bag has a drawstring at head & foot and a
      > (and some velcro patches) along the side.
      > HEre is one for a very cheap price on ebay:
      > http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?
      > ViewItem&item=3668921375&category=36116
      > And here is a page describing the military version (difference
      > of color, I believe).
      > http://www.geocities.com/ecotat/ecotatLWSBMP.htm
      > Thomas
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