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5128RE: [Hammock Camping] Pics of my Under/Over quilt ...

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  • Chet Clocksin
    Mar 26, 2004
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      The Ecotat looks similar to the Exped Wallcreeper sleeping bag. I have an Exped Wallcreeper, which is somewhat like the Ecotat, but lighter, larger, and probably warmer (although I am sure the Ecotat is more durable since its built for military use). I have a goosedown model, but they also make a synthetic. I will post some pics real soon that shows the Wallcreeper in use much like Ed's peapod. The Wallcreeper has a full center zip that works from top or bottom, can open fully like a quilt, has a drawstring foot, zippered arm holes, and an awesome hood. It can be worn like a long vest, used as a quilt, used as a conventional sleeping bag, or zipped completely around my hammock. I got a heck of a deal on mine (on closeout at Back Country Gear). Otherwise I would have probably gone for Ed's Peapod, which looks very nice too. I will probably still get one of Ed's Down Quilts, for added flexibility. One of the reasons I built a Speer style hammock is the removeable bugnet, which I like for several reasons, including the fact that you can use a "peapod" style insulator around it. I also have a HH Expedition, which is a great hammock, but since I built my Speer hammock, the HH has become my "loaner". 
      For anyone who likes to tinker with things and has not made their own hammock, I highly recommend it. It's simple, and you can try different sizes and configurations to suit yourself. This list is a great resource, and lots of ideas get bounced around. If you don't think you can build your own, Ed's book will make a believer out of you, as will a visit to Risk's website. I've been having a blast getting my system just right, and after building three hammocks, I'm getting very close to having the perfect shelter. (Ya right, like I'll ever be satisfied!)  And BTW, since I've built one of Ed's hammock stands (which makes a great dog house for me in the garage), I can measure, cut, tinker, and experiment all I want!
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      Yes - very cool.  If I understand this item right, another option
      (not so much sewing!) would be to get an ecotat sleeping bag
      (lamilite filled - very warm , as I have a Wiggy's bag which uses
      that).  The ecotat bag has a drawstring at head & foot and a zipper
      (and some velcro patches) along the side.

      HEre is one for a very cheap price on ebay:

      And here is a page describing the military version (difference only
      of color, I believe).


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      > Shane,
      > Very impressive work. Looks your quilt is a winner for any type of
      > Chet

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