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5120Re: Pics of my Under/Over quilt and Tyvek Tarp

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  • Mirage
    Mar 26, 2004
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "freak_of_nature_98"
      <pharper@k...> wrote:
      > Mirage,
      > I am very impressed with the look of this under/over quilt.


      > Have you used this quilt with a HH ultralite backpacker (NOT A-

      Sorry, but no. I don't have one, but today I will be packing with
      some other Hammock hangers, so I'll see what they have and I'll be
      bringing the camera.

      > If you have, I would be interested procuring any helpful tidbits
      > you might be willing to share, ie: instructions, and about how
      much $
      > you invested in this project (if you don't mind other people
      > your process, etc.)

      Well. I'm afraid I don't keep notes (even though I am a software
      engineer, I am really an artist at heart. I create not invent), but
      I can tell you that I spent only about ~$80 on the down quilt
      project, and a bit less on the Primaloft one. There was a thread
      yesterday on BPL about the markup on gear, and I can see how. My
      ~80 quilt is basically the same thing and the Nanatuk back country
      blanket which sells in theses dimentions and materials fo ~$360!!

      Anyway, no plans, just create as I go. Maybe my wife could help me
      come up with some plans, and when I do a summer weight one, maybe
      I'll keep notes.

      > One other question that I had was, how snug are the head and foot
      > to the hammock? In other words, is the underquilt held taught
      > against the hammock to prevent wind drafts from robbing the warmth
      > from the quilt?

      My first (smaller one) has that problem. I'll report after the
      weekend on how these work. Turns out we might be getting a few
      inches of snow, so I should have good test conditions.

      Both ends are pretty nearly closed when hung on the hammock and the
      only opening is from about your midrift to your head, but it does
      not sag, so I really do not expect any drafts.

      The shell material on both is EPIC, which is supposed to be an
      excellent wind blocker.

      Shane "Mirage"...
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