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5101Re: Pics of my Under/Over quilt and Tyvek Tarp

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  • freak_of_nature_98
    Mar 25, 2004
      I am very impressed with the look of this under/over quilt. I keep
      looking at all of these things that people are making... quilts...
      tarps... stands... and it makes me wish that I would just get the
      heck out of school so that I can make something ($$$$$).

      Have you used this quilt with a HH ultralite backpacker (NOT A-SYM)?
      If you have, I would be interested procuring any helpful tidbits that
      you might be willing to share, ie: instructions, and about how much $
      you invested in this project (if you don't mind other people knowing
      your process, etc.)

      One other question that I had was, how snug are the head and foot end
      to the hammock? In other words, is the underquilt held taught
      against the hammock to prevent wind drafts from robbing the warmth
      from the quilt?

      I really want to order a tarp from Brian (?Brien?) as soon as I have
      the money, I don't even want to attempt making this b/c it looks like
      he has perfected the design and manufacturing process. But I really
      would like to have the joy and sorrow of making my own underquilt.

      Thank you for your posts, and I apologize for the length of this one!
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