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5045RE: [Hammock Camping] Hammock Bivy

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  • firefly
    Mar 23, 2004
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      I don't understand how you can tolerate it as a bivy. I set mine up and was
      out of there in about 30 seconds. Very cramped when on the ground. Awful!
      This is not a set up for claustrophobes.

      I set up my Ultralight Backpacker A-Sym the same way on this trip, with
      the added twist of using the single hanging rope to set up a "tripod"
      with the hiking pole. I did this by putting two stakes about a foot and
      a half to either side of the pole and out from it a bit, then looping
      the hammock rope around the pole, running it down to one stake, across
      the ground to the second stake, then back up to the pole, where I tied
      it off. Seemed to work as well as using additional rope, which I didn't
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