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  • firefly
    Mar 13, 2004
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      I am falling out laughing about the cans, especially the Campbell’s Soup! My post was prompted by some a few days back about hammocks not being allowed in one of the state parks, I think it was in Georgia. I think one reason there’s a knee jerk reaction against hammocks is so many of the “afternoon nap hammocks” come with hooks to screw in trees. This, rightfully, makes park service people CRAZY. The first thing I say when introducing a HH is, “no hooks, no damage to trees”. This gives me an idea. Maybe I should forget politics and apply for a Forest Service PR job. Can you imagine me doing backpacking demos for the Forest Service! I will look into it immediately. I am itching to get into the Kerry campaign, but if that does not work out maybe I will just do the above!


       About your message problems, Yahoo is under SPAM attack and their system is gunked up. I lost a couple of messages to local paddling (kayaking, not spanking) group.


      I sure would love to meet Tom H some time. I’d like to give him a hug. I have a distant cousin who is from the English side of my family and is a kayak instructor somewhere in the Vancouver area. She is too busy with family to email me, but the contact with her about 5 years ago led to my 2003 trip to England. As soon as I get a full time job firmed I am headed either to England or the AT or the Grand Canyon. I dreamed about Flagstaff last night. Unfortunately, all the PR jobs I have seen posted out there require someone who speaks Spanish, and I am not even close. My family is English, German, and Danish, with maybe one American Indian back there in somebody’s little love nest, once.



      I may be behind in some reading, or may not be getting all the digests, as I don't remember seeing a reference to this before.  I haven't received a WomenHikers digest for nearly a month.  (Yes, I have checked preferences. looked for bounced messages and contacted Yahoo, several times.  Other group messages are slowing down, so I could be missing some from here.)


      Back to hammocks in National Parks. 


      I, too, am hoping to see more hammocks, with tree protecting straps, allowed in campgrounds, especially Natonal Parks.  I've volunteered for the Park Service at three BSA events.  For the last two, I've talked up hammocks.  I put one up behind our "break tent" at the last National Jamboree and even tried to get one staffer to take a nap in his off time.  Another Scouter managed to get Tom Hennessy invited to the National Order of the Arrow Conference the next year as a vendor.  I made sure to get a crew, made up of Park Service and Forest Service staff, over to check out the hammocks.  That turned into an invite for Tom to present at a Forest Service training event where some hammocks were given to attendees.  If "the Brass" gets interested in hammocking, can acceptance for hammock camping be far behind?




      The bunch of combined Park and Forest Serviced guys were exhibiting backcountry/LNT techniques.  Are they far behind!  Yes, they were advocating stoves over fires, but the stove I saw set up was an MSR WhisperLite, and the food on dsiplay MIGHT have had a commercial freeze dried package, but what I remember were cans of Campbells soup, Vienna sausages, etc.  Can anyone imagine CARRYING these things in and out of the backcountry?  I made an alcohol stove  for an NPS guy that I'd also seen at the Jamboree and gave him a bottle of HEET.  It will be interesting to see if that exhibit looks any different the next time we meet!  How cool would it be if they had home or common dried foods and hammocks on display>





      From: "firefly" <firefly@...>
      Subject: GettingParkOfficialstoallowHammocks

      I have been meaning to respond to this for awhile. Last week, in the USFS
      campground, I made it a point to be very friendly to the campground host
      when I arrived. I showed him my HH as I was putting it up, before he had a
      chance to ask about it. I showed him how the straps don't hurt the trees,
      and that I am not nailing anything into the trees, etc. It takes a little
      extra effort to go to this much trouble, but it is better than having him
      assume the worst later and telling you to take down your hammock.

      Last year I was on a multi day sea kayak paddle down a Louisiana bayou, with
      a large group. I had the only hammock. We stopped at a National Park
      cultural center in the middle of a Cajun town and camped out there. Before I
      set up my hammock, I fo! und the ranger in charge, showed it to her, explained
      the features, then asked permission to hang it. She had never seen one
      before. She said YES, of course, and also thanked me for asking her first.
      The next person that shows up there with a hammock will have smooth sailing.
      It's just an educational process. It took me a total of 5 minutes for each

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