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4878RE: [Hammock Camping] GettingParkOfficialstoallowHammocks

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  • Ed Speer
    Mar 11, 2004
      Very well done Marsanne! Wish everyone were as considerate as you. Thanks
      for posting--it always helps to remind us all to act responsibility...Ed
      Moderator, Hammock Camping-L

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      > Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2004 2:22 PM
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      > Subject: [Hammock Camping] GettingParkOfficialstoallowHammocks
      > I have been meaning to respond to this for awhile. Last week,
      > in the USFS campground, I made it a point to be very friendly
      > to the campground host when I arrived. I showed him my HH as
      > I was putting it up, before he had a chance to ask about it.
      > I showed him how the straps don't hurt the trees, and that I
      > am not nailing anything into the trees, etc. It takes a
      > little extra effort to go to this much trouble, but it is
      > better than having him assume the worst later and telling you
      > to take down your hammock.
      > Last year I was on a multi day sea kayak paddle down a
      > Louisiana bayou, with a large group. I had the only hammock.
      > We stopped at a National Park cultural center in the middle
      > of a Cajun town and camped out there. Before I set up my
      > hammock, I found the ranger in charge, showed it to her,
      > explained the features, then asked permission to hang it. She
      > had never seen one before. She said YES, of course, and also
      > thanked me for asking her first. The next person that shows
      > up there with a hammock will have smooth sailing. It's just
      > an educational process. It took me a total of 5 minutes for
      > each conversation. Marsanne
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