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  • David Chinell
    Mar 5, 2004
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      Great! Hope we can make it happen. Where's Risk's back yard,
      by the way? He's not in Florida, is he?


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      Dave- I actually spent about 8 weeks total in Sarasota last
      year. My parents have been living there. Mom had cancer
      surgery last summer, so I stayed about 6 weeks and one of my
      sisers took over as I left. (It was really convenient that
      we both work in schools and this came up in the summer.) I
      spent the holiday break there, as well, helping get set up
      to move. If I get back before they leave the area, I'll
      give you a shout. Thanks.

      (BTW, they are on a waiting list for a retirement community
      nearly in Risk's back yard.)



      > From: "David Chinell" <dchinell@...>
      > Subject: RE: Re: Tensioning
      > Rosaleen:
      > Yes, I'd like to make one of the campouts some day. Alas,
      this year my Rita
      > had a little medical crisis. We're all okay now, but it
      kind of drained the
      > holiday days and funds at my disposal. Sigh. But weren't
      you in Sarasota
      > recently? Let me know next time you're here, and we'll try
      to arrange an
      > overnight if you like.
      > As to the knot, I'm guessing a bowline might work, but
      would be a little too
      > permanent -- that is it wouldn't allow fine-tuning the
      tension because it
      > would be fixed in one spot along the tarp line. I'd go
      with the hair-elastic
      > lark's head or prussic. Or even tie the body line onto the
      > tarp line with a
      > tautline hitch.
      > The tautline is my all-time favorite hammocking knot.
      > Bear

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