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4799RE: [Hammock Camping] Warm Hammock

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  • ra1@imrisk.com
    Mar 4, 2004
      Quoting John Kennedy <mrprez@...>:

      > Rick, I have the materials to do my own warmhammock and wanted ask you, did
      > you sew the baffles perpendicular to or parallel to the length of the
      > hammock? From the picture, it looks like they are parallel to the hammock.
      > Just wanted to be sure.
      > Thanks,
      > John

      Thanks for your interest.

      The successful design I have completed is to quilt Polarguard II between an
      outer layer and the hammock itself. The quilting is done with quilting ties
      about every 6 inches. To read something about this method, see:


      The important thing is to make sure the outer layer is a pouch, not a flat piece
      of material. I describe on the page how to do that.

      I have built a down warm hammock as well. It was my first version. I did not
      "pouch" the padding and it just draws up tight against the hammock. I now
      realize I can build a successful down insulated hammock with baffles, but I have
      not done so yet.

      The version I did make has baffles parallel to the long edges of the hammock.

      I hope that is possible to understand?

      Have fun!

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