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4786MacCat tests:

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  • simva4040
    Mar 2, 2004
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      The MacCat has been up in the backyard for 2 days now for
      observation. Granted it would be better to be on the AT but the
      hospital owns me this week so that is the best I can do for a bit.
      The last 28-32hours have been very rainy and accomapnied with strong
      wind. The tarp is 50feet from the hottub so I have had several
      chances to observe it a wind that struck it from the rear
      quarter...no flapping at all as expected and an interesting vibration
      in the ridgeline I suppose from where I tightened it to an obsessive
      No surprise to find dry ground underneath either and well within the
      In the morning when I get out of my cage and begin my week off I will
      bring it down and put it on the digital scale.
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