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4780Re:Tensioning Hennessy Flies

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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Mar 2, 2004
      Hi, Gang!

      Getting the Hennessy fly tensioned just right seems to get kicked around various lists from time to time.  There have been several suggested solutions.  One had to do with procuring some surgical tubing and somehow tying the line into it.  Others are doing the separate ridge line thing currently under discussion.  There are more.

      Here is my quick and easy "fix."  Take the nylon line off the side tie outs of the fly.  Then tie the elastic cord from the hammock body side pull out to the ring or glove hook on each side of the fly.  One stake or tie out point can take care of each side.  Use a "taut line hitch" to attach the elastic cord to the fly.  The hitch will fit the stretched cord differently from the relaxed cord, so you may want to stretch the cord a bit as you tie it and put an extra loop in the hitch so it doesn't come undone under stress.  I have been using two loops inside and two outside of the moving end around the standing rope.  (Marsanne, send me your address and I'll send you a picture.  I know you need more knot training.  I'd try to E-mail pics if I were more techno-geek literate.)

      The bottom line here (cough), is that when your weight pulls down on the hammock, you are also pulling down on the line to the fly.  You may wish to use your hiking poles or a found branch to raise the side of the fly for more ventilation in the summer.  I have some stakes that have sort of a "V" shape with more or less a notch to hold the looped line.  To reduce possible wear on the elastic line, I put a coated hair elastic on each, using a "lark's head."  These can slide along the pull out line to allow attachment at an optimum point.

      Hope this helps someone.

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