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4774Re: Subject: Re: Shane- the MacCat-Catenary Cut?

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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Mar 1 6:28 PM
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      Hi, todd-

      You and I haven't corresponded for a while.  I hope all is well with you and yours.  I'm glad to see our paths continue to cross.

      I have a suggestion for reducing hammock fly flap.  Try adding some weight to the side tie outs.  Tom suggested a pair of small silnylon bags, weighted with a few stones found around the campsite.  Tie or clip one of each to the side tie out rings of glove hooks.  I would be more likely to use a nylon mesh bag (home made).  The mesh wouldn't hold any rain water.  I think some have tried tying water bottles or some such to the sides.  The mesh bags seem easiest to me.

      From: ptoddf@...
      Subject: Subject: Re: Shane- the MacCat-Catenary Cut?


      Isn't the MacCat a smaller, HH sized version of the heptawing? That was my

      I am looking to upgrade my HH UL Backpacker's stock fly to one that doesn't
      flap unmercifully in light wind and keep me awake. An absolutely great hammock,
      but with a mediocre fly.

      Getting in slackens the fly, and I don't enjoy super-taut bungee reinforced
      guy lines, so I've been using a second, independent overhead ridge line for the
      fly, which helps. But I'd like a design that is inherently more wind
      resistant. I'll stay with the second ridge line, that's a winner.

      I'd appreciate your comments based on your heptawing experience. (And anyone
      that's using Brian's fly to replace the HH stock fly.)

      Best, Todd in Tarzana.

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