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4769RE: [Hammock Camping] no hammocks in Collier Seminole State Park

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  • Ed Speer
    Mar 1, 2004
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      I've also run into similar unresponsive reactions from state park personnel,
      both related to hammocks and other issues--some day when my mind no longer
      works, I hope to get a job with at a state park. However, some parks do
      allow hammocks! We certainly do have our work cut out for us.

      Your suggestion about hammock stands at AT shelters is right on---I've only
      made a few verbal contacts so far, but hope to submit a written proposal in
      the future. It will help if everyone on this list who has the oppurtunity
      talks about the issue to ATC personnel--just to let them know the need
      exists. My January 2004 issue of the Hammock Camping Newsletter has an
      article covering the use of hammocks at the existing trail shelters--see all
      the newsletters FREE at: http://www.hammockcamping.com/Newsletters/NEWS.htm
      Ed Moderator, Hammock Camping-L

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      > Subject: [Hammock Camping] no hammocks in Collier Seminole State Park
      > Just thought you all might find it interesting that on last weeks
      > paddle trip in Florida we were told no hammocking in Collier Seminole
      > State Park, but later in the trip while in Ocala National Forest we
      > were told that it is discouraged but allowed. While in Collier
      > Seminole State Park I tried to teach the ranger about 'tree hugger'
      > straps but it was like talking to a wall....as hammockers we should
      > try to educate as many folk as possible but I'm thinking that the
      > mindless autocratic government juggernaut will be hard to
      > influence. So I am wondering if this is a common
      > mindest/law/rule amonst all the
      > nation's state parks?
      > Maybe it would be nice to have a list here of places where
      > anti- hammocking rules apply? Also, a note to Ed
      > Speer....have you considered contacting the ATC
      > about placing 'hammocking posts' near shelters...would make a good
      > Eagle Scout project.
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