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4766Knots and tarps (WAS: more on the McCat Tarp)

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  • Mirage
    Mar 1, 2004
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "firefly" <firefly@e...>
      > Shane,
      > I have seen stuff described as "mason's line" at Lowe's and Home
      Depot. It's
      > really thin, and colored.

      Not the same stuff, usually... These are normally nylon and will
      snag easily and stretch too much to be any use.

      > Does not look like would be easy for knots (I
      > cannot help myself, LOL!).

      It is small and thin and not easy to use with gloves if you need
      them (cold weather camping). I would recommend leaving the lines
      tied to the ridge tie-outs and only tie the knots needed on the tree
      or other anchor point, or use those little plastic or aluminum "do-
      hickies" that allow for slide tensioning.

      As for anchor point, consider tying to the tree huggers where the
      hammock is tied off so you don't risk scaring the tree. This point
      will not move significantly or at all when the load of your body is
      applied to the hammock, and so unlike the HH prussik knot tie-offs,
      will not cause sag in the tarp when you are in it.

      Also, to be fair to HH users and Tom himself, you will notice less
      of the sagging tarp problem the farther up the hammock line your
      tarp is connected. That is to say, if your tarp is connected to the
      hammock lines closer to the hammock body, than the tree, you will
      notice a more prominate sag in the tarp when you get in the hammock
      than if your tarp is connected closer to the tree.

      This is something you have to play with alot to get an understandin
      of, and weather conditions may dictate position on the rope (windy
      rainy, you usually tie off the side tie outs first, getting the tarp
      as close to the netting as possible, then tighten up the prussik
      knots last, taking up any remaining slack. This results in the
      prussik knots being much closer to the hammock body).

      Finally, all this will depend on the actual tarp dimensions you are
      using. Many of us have replaced the stock tarp that cam with our
      HH, some of use have made or bought our own in a variety of shapes
      and dimensions, all of which will make your set up unique.

      Just be sure to test, test, test to know how yours will behave.

      > Is this the same stuff?


      > Marsanne

      Shane "Mirage"...
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