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4764[Hammock Camping] Re: more on the McCat Tarp

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  • Mirage
    Mar 1, 2004
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "firefly" <firefly@e...>
      > What method/knots/type of line were you thinking of using for the
      > My knot skills are not the best. <G>
      > Marsanne


      Although I learned many knots in Merchant Marine school and Boy
      Scouts, my standard, most often used knots are:

      1. Bowline - typically for tying off the line to a loop, or grommet,
      ot to make a bight (loop) at the end of a line.
      2. Sliding clove hitch - works great for quick tie-offs and for
      needing to freaquently adjust tension. Doesn't work great on slick
      lines though.
      3. Truckers hitch - awsome knot to put lots of tension on a line
      after it is wrapped around a tree or pole.
      4. Figure eight - another quick and easy way to put a bight (loop)
      at the end of a line, but not as easy to untie after loading.

      So I will tie a bowline on each loop on either end of the ridge line
      (Brians tarps are reinforced with gross grain along the lenght of
      the ridge line) and the use a clove hitch or truckers hitch on the
      tree, pole or other achor point.

      As for line, not sure yet. I have ~50' of "trip tease" from Kelty
      (I think), but will probably reserve that for stakes. Marine
      braided masons line is highly recommend due to low/no streach.
      Should be true of any polypropolyne line. I always have a variety
      of rope and line haning around (pun intended), so I'm not sure what
      I will be using yet.


      Shane "Mirage"...
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