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4763RE: [Hammock Camping] Re: more on the McCat Tarp

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  • firefly
    Mar 1, 2004
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      Shane "Mirage",
      I have similar needs, being in southern Louisiana. I am headed up to the
      central part of the state tomorrow for a paid speaking engagement, and,
      unless there is an absolute monsoon underway, plan to go, after that, to
      wonderful Forest Service campground with hiking trails and a lake. I plan
      to also attach the tarp to a separate ridgeline, above the HH a few inches.
      What method/knots/type of line were you thinking of using for the ridgeline?
      My knot skills are not the best. <G>
      Marsanne (who also wants to adopt Brian because he will be the Donald Trump
      of outdoor gear and I would like a rich son)

      My goal it to have a tarp that will provide significant coverage for
      the rainy and windy conditions I am blessed with in the beautiful
      PNW. I do NOT plan, at this time, to attach it to the Hammock hang
      lines, due to the issue of losing tention when I enter the hammock,
      so I will have in independant ridgeline.

      Brian and I are talking right now about an 11'x9.3', hex dimension,
      straight cut ridgeline. I have an outstanding question on the
      additional cost if he were to cut my ridgeline with a catenary
      curve, and depending on that cost estimate, I will make my purchase

      Brian has been exceptional to work with, and extremely patient with
      my questions (badgering is what it probably sounds like to him ;).

      From what I hear from others, his craftsmanship and attention to
      detail is ecellent as well.
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