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4762Re: more on the McCat Tarp

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  • Mirage
    Mar 1, 2004
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "simva4040" <simva4040@y...>
      > Woke up this afternoon and with sleep in my eyes headed to the
      > backyard to string up the McCat....again loving the detail Brian
      > placed in his work..the tie-outs are wonderful and stay open for
      > stringing, the ridgeline ties are reinforced in a smart way.....so
      > after staking it out and while doing so noticing how the cat-cut
      > tensions then entire design I stood back and looked at the
      > I tensioned it very tightly and low and behold there is a slight
      > catenation in its overall length....so intentional or not (only
      > can answer this), just my particular unit, or a side effect of the
      > cat-cuts on the sides, the ridgeline does actually curve-even with
      > all that tension on it.
      > OK, Brian I promise not to blow any more smoke your way concerning
      > your work just with it had been here early enough for the
      > trip :( .
      > MedicineMan

      Hi all...

      I am the Shane that had sent Medicine Man an email directly asking
      some questions about the Tarp he had received from Brian. I have
      also been exchanging email with Brian on designing a Tarp to meet my

      I am "this" close to ordering one, but now hesitate only on the
      issue of the Catenary cut ridge line.

      As Medicine Man points out, whether by design or destiny, his
      instance does exhibit slight catenary curvature on the ridgeline
      when under tension.

      My Question to all is this: How much does the Catenary ridge line

      I am certainly mesmerized by the purported "one with the wind"
      properties of a true catenary cut tarp like the Heptawing.

      Yet clearly from others experience, maybe simply having catenary cut
      side lines is sufficeint to retain tension when wet and windy.

      My goal it to have a tarp that will provide significant coverage for
      the rainy and windy conditions I am blessed with in the beautiful
      PNW. I do NOT plan, at this time, to attach it to the Hammock hang
      lines, due to the issue of losing tention when I enter the hammock,
      so I will have in independant ridgeline.

      Brian and I are talking right now about an 11'x9.3', hex dimension,
      straight cut ridgeline. I have an outstanding question on the
      additional cost if he were to cut my ridgeline with a catenary
      curve, and depending on that cost estimate, I will make my purchase

      Brian has been exceptional to work with, and extremely patient with
      my questions (badgering is what it probably sounds like to him ;).

      From what I hear from others, his craftsmanship and attention to
      detail is ecellent as well.

      Shane "Mirage"...
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