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4761more on the McCat Tarp

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  • simva4040
    Feb 29, 2004
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      Woke up this afternoon and with sleep in my eyes headed to the
      backyard to string up the McCat....again loving the detail Brian has
      placed in his work..the tie-outs are wonderful and stay open for easy
      stringing, the ridgeline ties are reinforced in a smart way.....so
      after staking it out and while doing so noticing how the cat-cut
      tensions then entire design I stood back and looked at the ridgeline.
      I tensioned it very tightly and low and behold there is a slight
      catenation in its overall length....so intentional or not (only Brian
      can answer this), just my particular unit, or a side effect of the
      cat-cuts on the sides, the ridgeline does actually curve-even with
      all that tension on it.
      OK, Brian I promise not to blow any more smoke your way concerning
      your work just with it had been here early enough for the Everglades
      trip :( .
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