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  • firefly
    Feb 29, 2004
      This is my first report on the replacement tarp our young Brian McMillian
      made for me, to replace the A-Sym that came with my HH. I wanted a bigger
      one, in silnylon. I was hoping to get to the woods this weekend to try it
      out, but have been working on a freelance gig. Today I strung it up on a
      line in the back yard (no trees there to hang HH). This is a very well made
      tarp, and I am sure it will be much better than the A-sym that came with my
      HH. It's the curved (cantenary or whatever,) cut, and it is very windy
      today, and once I had it staked down over the line the wind just went right
      around it, and under it. I am looking forward to testing it later this week
      in a state park. I am sure it will be great, and I thank Brian for his
      excellent workmanship and dependable service. He can give you the details,
      show pics, etc.
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