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4758Re: [Hammock Camping] Subject: Re: Shane- the MacCat-Catenary Cut?

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  • Bill Fornshell
    Feb 29, 2004
      Hi Todd, I think, but may be wrong, that the tarp
      (MacCat) is a rectangular shaped tarp that may have a
      curve in the ridge-line. There was a picture of it
      someplace. If you look in the Photo Section of this
      group I have 3 pictures of my Speer Silk Hammock
      hanging under my Moss Heptawing. Look for album named
      (A Silk H...). I haven't had a problem with the tarp
      flapping. You have 3 tie-down points on each side and
      the 2 on each end of the ridge-line (all tie lines are
      adjustable using a little slide thing). The pictures
      show me using 2 poles to lift 2 points of the tarp to
      get a nice breeze on me. If you adjust it right the
      wind rolls right off the tarp, you might say this tarp
      design is "One With the Wind." However, I will not
      try and tell you that it will never flap, when it
      flaps you just need to adjust it. I have used the tarp
      in some very heavy rain and a lot of wind. I was able
      to adjust the guy-lines and stay dry as I watched the
      water flow under me one day in a very heavy storm. I
      was dry and happy in my Hammock.

      In todays world I think the biggest reason more people
      didn't go for this tarp is the weight. 10 or 12 years
      ago this tarp replaced a 4 or 5 pound plus tent. As a
      23oz substitute for the tent I was happy camper.
      Today we think of a tarp being 6 to 8 oz. With that
      idea how many people would go for something that
      weights 23oz. Bill

      --- ptoddf@... wrote:
      > Bill,
      > Isn't the MacCat a smaller, HH sized version of the
      > heptawing? That was my
      > understanding.
      > I am looking to upgrade my HH UL Backpacker's stock
      > fly to one that doesn't
      > flap unmercifully in light wind and keep me awake.
      > An absolutely great hammock,
      > but with a mediocre fly.
      > Getting in slackens the fly, and I don't enjoy
      > super-taut bungee reinforced
      > guy lines, so I've been using a second, independent
      > overhead ridge line for the
      > fly, which helps. But I'd like a design that is
      > inherently more wind
      > resistant. I'll stay with the second ridge line,
      > that's a winner.
      > I'd appreciate your comments based on your heptawing
      > experience. (And anyone
      > that's using Brian's fly to replace the HH stock
      > fly.)
      > Best, Todd in Tarzana.

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