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4753RE: [Hammock Camping] RE: Contacting Big Agnes and Tom Hennessey

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  • firefly
    Feb 28, 2004
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      I have heard Tom H is a really nice guy, too.  However, I think it is in the interest of all of us in business to communicate with our customers. His unresponsiveness hurts him, not me. I can take my money elsewhere. As for “cutting him some slack”, PUH-LEEZE! I am always bragging about HH.  When I contrast his communication with that of someone like Carol Wellman, of Dancing Light Gear, there is no comparison. Or, with our own Ed Speer. And, White Knight, I don’t mean to be critical, but I would agree about the spelling. Any decent computer has spell checking tools. I was an English major and still learn things when I run mine. It will help you with your business, too, because you will have a better image. Hope you are feeling better!




      Please cut these innovative, cottage-industry guys some slack. None of them are getting rich at this. We're lucky they're there at all.

      I'm including Scott (WhiteKnight) in this too. I'm waiting for my quilt along with everyone else. Glad he survived that killer virus. Now if he would

      just learn to type better....


      Best, Todd in Tarzana.


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