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4748no hammocks in Collier Seminole State Park

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  • simva4040
    Feb 27, 2004
      Just thought you all might find it interesting that on last weeks
      paddle trip in Florida we were told no hammocking in Collier Seminole
      State Park, but later in the trip while in Ocala National Forest we
      were told that it is discouraged but allowed. While in Collier
      Seminole State Park I tried to teach the ranger about 'tree hugger'
      straps but it was like talking to a wall....as hammockers we should
      try to educate as many folk as possible but I'm thinking that the
      mindless autocratic government juggernaut will be hard to influence.
      So I am wondering if this is a common mindest/law/rule amonst all the
      nation's state parks?
      Maybe it would be nice to have a list here of places where anti-
      hammocking rules apply?
      Also, a note to Ed Speer....have you considered contacting the ATC
      about placing 'hammocking posts' near shelters...would make a good
      Eagle Scout project.
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