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  • robi
    Feb 26, 2004
      Hey that sleepingon the move reminds me of the second best place to sleep,
      hammock being the obvious first!

      A train!

      i took the train to china from budapest and back twice... four trips of a
      week each, fold down the birth, get in and the train rocks you to sleep..
      you get so used to it that in fact you cannot sleep the first night or two
      in your destination uless you rock the red a bit, some even made funny
      train noises at the hostel in beijing just to help themselves fall

      and as for cute, Omsk, has some migthy fine looking women! i much prefer
      them to national guard men, being a man myslef.


      On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 16:06:06 -0600, firefly <firefly@...> wrote:

      > If you’re talking about a military C130, those are GREAT to sleep in.
      > When
      > Hurricane Mitch hit Hounduras we had a huge public relief effort,
      > sponsored
      > by the governor’s office. We did a pr campaign and ran about a dozen
      > loads
      > of food and medical supplies down there. I made two trips escorting news
      > media. Very noisy inside, too noisy to talk. They gave us ear plugs,
      > folded
      > down the cots, and gave us blankets, and pillows for the flight from New
      > Orleans to Honduras and back. Best naps I ever had. Cute Air National
      > Guard
      > soldiers taking care of us, etc. I can see how a hammock would have been
      > good.
      > Marsanne
      > Well, perhaps not...
      > I just came back from Germany on Tuesday evening. I slept about 5
      > hours in my hammock in the back of the cargo aircraft. I was roughly
      > 35,000 feet above the ground, or water. Surprisingly, I did not need
      > a climbing harness. I also went to sleep in one country and woke up
      > in another. When I got up for my bio break, I was in no country at all.
      > ;)
      > Rick

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