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  • Chamness, David
    Feb 26, 2004
      Dent Alastair (really?) asked if anyone has tried this.  I have!  It works great. I use a 14' section of bamboo, and attach the ends of the ropes to the pole, then suspend the pole itself on bamboo A frames.  The only lateral forces I need to counter then are the ones needed to keep the thing from falling over, which are very slight.
      I did this because of the problem of having no trees to tie to, and having tent stakes pull out of soft ground.  This works anywhere, and is easy to set up.  The drawback is carrying the 5 bamboo poles. I use it when "car camping" and tie the poles to the top of my truck.
      David Chamness

      Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 10:52:54 -0000

      From: "Dent Alastair" <alastair.dent@...>

      Subject: Ridge*pole* hammock

      Just musing on hammock designs - one of the probs with hammocks is the

      tremendous lateral forces on whatever you tie to.

      Soooo - has anyone tried making a hammock with a ridgepole, that would

      then be under compressive forces? Impractical for backpacking - but I

      was thinking of confined spaces - such as in houses. Might be good

      where house walls are flimsy.

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