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4719the Mac Cat Tarp

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  • simva4040
    Feb 25, 2004
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      Just opened a box that has sat on the stoop for several days. Inside
      was the catenary cut tarp by Brian MacMillen. In a word a beautiful
      piece of work. This young man's attention to detail is outstanding-be
      a surgeon Brian! I scanned every seam (thanks for seam sealing it,
      wont get that at REI or Campmor) and every stitch, flawless. The
      color is grey of course and that will fit nicely into my camping
      style. The sil-nyl feels luxurious as evor. The rienforcements at the
      stress points seem to outlie the purported weight, I say purported
      because I havent weighed the tarp as of yet.
      For any of your with doubts lay them aside. The Mac Cat (hope you
      dont mind that Brian) is worth every penny. Now I can put the Golite
      Cave2 back onto the shelf as this tarp is a perfect compliment to the
      HH Light Racer.
      Thanks Brian and all the best in whatever you do....make a helluva
      president too.