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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Feb 23, 2004
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      The aluminized bubble wrap reflectors were all the buzz a couple of years back.  BUT-They had a fleece liner between the sleeper and the reflector.

      My preference is the foam/mylar reflectors, as they are more flexible, plus the foam factor.

      Do you have any "Big Lots" near you?  I found a jumbo foam/mylar reflector at the one near my parents during my last trip to Sarasota.  I kicked myself all the way home for not buying several at their discounted price.  Oh, well!

      Cheers and good luck!


      From: "neptuneuu" <neptunebeach@...>
      Subject: windshield reflectors

      I recently started using a Hennessey Exlorer UL Asym and love it.  I
      am in N FL so real cold is a rarity, but I still need to prepare for
      the occasional freeze  ( You can't go camping in this; ITS FREEZING
      OUT THERE! We FLians are real temp wimps and proud of it).  One of
      the oft suggested cold weather sleeping pads is a truck-sized
      windshield reflector pad, Walmart variety.  Shopping at that revered
      retailer today, all I could find in a large size is bubble-wrap
      cored, aluminized on both sides variety (Axxion? brand).  I was
      looking for a thin foam cored version with reflective material on one
      side only.  Am I looking for the right thing?  I assume that laying
      directly on a aluminized material would be both cold as it conducts
      more heat away from you than it reflects and also full of condensed
      moisture by morning.  Anyone know of a source of an appropriate
      windshield reflector?

      Neptune Beach

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