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466RE: Hammock Camping Hand Warmers

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  • J Cornelius
    Feb 6, 2003

      Some can be re-used – some not – depends on how they are activated – ones I use during hunting season can be re-activated but are not as hot as the first time.



      Abnormality IS the normality at this locality!


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      Are these warmers single use or multiple use?

      SGT Rock

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      > I ended up using handwarmers when I used my hammock at the
      > then "record low" (for me) of 30 F. I had bought them on a whim at
      > the last minute when I stopped in a store for some food right
      > getting to the trailhead. That night, shortly after getting in my
      > hammock, I felt my feet getting cold.  I only had a 3/4 Ridgerest
      > part of my body was going to be off it no matter what I did.  I put
      > the hand warmer things in my socks and boy did they work. The
      > to use 2 pairs of sock and put them between them is good becasue
      > those suckers got too hot. Haveing never used hand warmers before I
      > was pretty surprised by how hot they got and even more so by how
      > they continue to generate heat.  8 hours later they were still hot.
      > So, in my experience they do work.  Although I now just carry two
      > pieces of sleeping pad so that all my body parts can be on them.
      > One of the hand warmer packs set itself off spontaneously in my
      > and I could feel it against my back, so guess you need to try to
      > them where they won't be squeezed.
      > stephanie
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Speer" <info@s...> wrote:
      > > Yeah Jodi, that's what I'm thinking.  Just wondering if it
      > > works...Ed

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