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462Re: Methods of securing hammocks to trees

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  • tcoug7 <tcoug7@aol.com>
    Feb 6, 2003
      > Why do you HAVE to take the gloves off? I have no trouble tying up
      > Hennessy with heavy gloves and liners on, and I have even tied it in
      > mittens...
      > For reference, check:

      Yeah, this is the classic HH knot. I had wool liners and overmittens
      on and couln't do the over-around-through-tighten routine well.
      Maybe it's just me. Anyone else out there have problems? I do a lot
      of work outside, and usually end up ripping off my gloves -
      especially mittens. Normally, this isn't a problem because I'm nice
      and toasty. But, I had been not doing much except to take in the
      views for quite some time. (Actually, was actively engaging in a
      discussion on religion. I think you would have enjoyed it too!)

      > I have various setups using webbing and 'biners. Here's an old
      message that
      > describes one such system:

      I remember this when you posted it.

      <really did some snipping>

      > Tie the carabineers to the hammock ropes as close to the hammock on
      > ridge line as you can. (If your hammock has loops instead of a
      rope, just
      > clip the carabineers to the loops.)

      This I like...

      > Unroll hammock between trees. Wrap webbing with two loops around
      tree #1 as
      > many times as you can and still clip the carabineer between the two

      This I like too....

      > Clip carabineer #1 to loops.

      I have a suggestion here. Check this out:


      What I propose is wrap strap #2 around tree. Clip 'beener #2 to
      loops. Now, Take ridge line rope, put loop in it, either by pic or
      just a quick twist, and feed through beener. Feed working end
      through loop and pull tight (not too tight, because you've just
      created a 2:1 mechanical advantage.) Wrap around both lines with two
      half hitches, finishing the second with quick release.

      If you have the type of hammock with loops, caribeener will be
      attached. So, run a line through straps and through beener. OR,
      eliminate caribeener.

      Just another twist on your idea...


      > How's that?

      Pretty dam good, I'd say! My suggestion may eliminate the tie down
      is all. Since I haven't actually tried it yet, it might not work
      anyways. Plus, I've got to get my hands pretty cold if we want to be
      scientific about it!

      How much exta weight would you say?

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