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459RE: Hammock Camping Methods of securing hammocks to trees

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  • Ed Speer
    Feb 6, 2003
      Tim, the method of attaching hammocks to trees raises several concerns.  Obviously tying/untying knots with cold fingers is best avoided if possible.  Another major concern of mine is possible damage to the trees themselves.  Now days, everyone is an environmentalist and many people's first question is "What about damage to the trees?"  It's critical that we NOT damage the trees, or else hammock use will be prohibited on public lands (many State and Federal Parks already prohibit tying anything to trees, especially at campgrounds).  I've spent considerable time discussing this with the Leave No Trace organization, who actually endorse my hammocks.  Most, but not all modern camping hammocks today avoid the small-diameter ropes that can greatly damage trees by stretching excessively and even rolling down the tree when loaded.
      I solve the cold finger and tree damage concerns by using 1" wide low-stretch webbing straps and wrapping them several times around the tree in such a way that a typical knot is unnecessary.  The webbing is wraped around the tree so that each wrap goes in the opposite direction of the previous wrap; the webbing tightens against itself and the tree w/ enough friction to hold the hammock without a knot!  To un-attach the webbing, simply undo the wraps.  It's simple and solves both problems completely.  There is a picture sequence in my book.  I'm working on a simple diagram sketch that will be easier to post online....Ed
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      Hi all....

      I know there are several methods out there being employed to secure
      your hammocks to trees.  I use a Hennessey, and with it comes 'tree
      huggers', which are nylon straps that are wrapped around the tree to
      protect the trees bark.  The hammock is attached to the tree huggers
      by passing the line from the hammock through the loops on the ends of
      the huggers.  It is finished off with a kind of loose figure 8 and
      two half-hitches.  I know a lot of people include quick releases and
      so forth, but I'll tell you my problem:  Two weekends ago, I was
      trying to set up my hammock w/ temp in single digits (that's as close
      as I trust my little thermometer).  My hands were freezing, since I
      had been fairly stationary for several hours.  Well, to tie the
      knots, I HAVE to take my gloves off, which of course led to really
      cold and stiff hands, which of course led to decrease in dexterity,
      and in the end, a hell of a time getting my knots tied. 

      So, I am looking into alternatives.  I have some ideas regarding
      caribiners.  I am also entertaining the use of a truckers hitch as a
      way of providing a quick solution to not only securing but also
      tightening the hammock line.  It would also be very quick to undo for
      readjustments.  I have read here that Ed came up with a different
      approach w/ his hammocks - Ed, a pic would really help here if

      Any thoughts, ideas, etc welcome.


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