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4576Re: new thought on warmth ( maybe )

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  • Ralph Oborn
    Feb 6, 2004
      So I'm thinkin How flame retardant are these flys, tacos, peapods,
      tube tents and every thing else in the hammock?

      How hard is it to clean up the wax when (not if) it dumps.

      How hard is it to exit a flaming hammock if the worst possible thing

      Or am I missing something on the safety of candles in what is
      effectivly an extremely small tent made of extremely flamable

      I hope you guys can educate me? right now I'm concerned about your
      sanity and safety.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "subypower" <a9144me@a...>
      > has any body tried a GI type bag hanging from the bottom of a
      > with a candle lantern in it. it would not be hard to do safely
      with a
      > light cage ( think 2 rings 6 inches wide ) around it. it should
      > a fair amount of heat out, when i tent camp in the winter my
      > lantern heats my tent up 5 to 10 degrees before i get in. and i
      > think it should warm up the "bag" at least 10 degrees plus the
      > rising to the bottom of the hammock ( convection )
      > this i would think could even eliminate the need for air bags in
      > GI but you would need to either weight or tie down the bottom of
      > GI, and provide tons of warmth
      > white knight
      > ps all people waiting for under quilts it is time to order your
      > 9 ozs of 800 fp for a full ( will be some left over ) or 12 ozs of
      > 650 fp. and they start shipping late next week ( in order of
      > receiving deposits ) i will email each when ready to ship for the
      > balance due, but will ship on day of email
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