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457Hammock Camping Re: Does anyone have a decent pic of snakeskins in use w/ HH??

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  • tcoug7 <tcoug7@aol.com>
    Feb 6, 2003
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Reilly" <reillyss@r...> wrote:
      > Thanks SGT. You always do a nice job on your explanation pictures.
      > By the way, did you know you can get almost the exact poncho
      mentioned on your web site (your ID Sil Poncho $70) from Campmor for
      $45? Campmor's doesn't have the drawstring around the bottom but
      they claim theirs weighs 8.5 oz (that's a total savings of 1.5 oz and
      $25 for us gram weenies and tightwads)
      > KR

      Funny you should bring that up KR, I'm trying out an older, nyon
      version of the Campmor backpackers poncho as an under hammock
      solution to hold my insulating "stuff" right now - with all proper
      kudos going to the fine folks here on this list which helped inspire
      it I might add!

      I'll keep everyone posted on progress!

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