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4555RE: [Hammock Camping] Re: ReplacingHH Tarp **Custom tarp orders**

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  • Brian MacMillin
    Feb 2, 2004

      Correct, yours will be wider than the 42”. I am thinking somewhere along the lines of 50”-52”, but need to do some more scaled models to be sure. I make models that are 1\10th the size and use them to compare different sizes to each other. I have even modeled a hammock to help illustrate how much protection the ends of the hammock get with varying degrees of hexagon shaped sides.


      Best Regards,

      Brian MacMillin




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      Brian, you’re going to make mine wider than that, right? Folks, the reason I want it wider is I want a place to hang out for awhile, cook, sit in a chair, jump up and down, scratch, belch, peek out at the rain, play with gear, <G> etc, in case I get stranded in one of these rain storms like we’re in right now, for a couple of days.


      I talked to Brian on the phone Saturday. Nice young man, sounds like he knows what he is doing. I predict he will soon be covered up with orders. To think, he is only two years older than my little adorable brat nephew who drives me crazy..




      The width is whatever you want it to be, but most people have asked for
      42", which is a good tradeoff between weight, hammock protection, and
      space underneath the hammock. With a 42" fly, there is some space
      underneath, but not enough to have someone sleep underneath.

      Best Regards,
      Brian MacMillin


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