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451Almost Quilt Insulator

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  • geoflyfisher <geoflyfisher@yahoo.com>
    Feb 6, 2003
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      After my post yesterday... Thanks to all who responded with great
      ideas, I got an email off list pointing me to the Garlington
      insulator, a "taco" shell hanging below the hammock. R. Garlington
      (first name unknown to me) has a site describing the contraption at:


      I built one last night, having a bit of silnylon on hand for a
      project I will not do, and hope to test it soon in our cold weather.

      Ed mentioned in his post that insulation is inefficient if a lot of
      sag exists between the hammock and the insulation. Great point, that
      I had forgotten. Since the warmth will be due to my body heating up
      the insulation area, a large space will take more energy to heat than
      a rather small space. (Vpor barrier warming methods are the ultamet
      end of this line of reasoning.) But having a couple inches of dead
      space can take less energy than having many inches of dead space...
      if there is little gradient across that dead space... ie if the space
      is not filled with many little spaces like down.

      The other problem is movement in the space. The more the space moves
      around, the more mixing occurs, and the more heat is lost by the
      enhanced convection.

      The Garlington insulator attempts to minimize this motion and a
      uniformly medium thick layer of dead space by sandwitching plastic
      gargage bags, partly inflated with air between the hammock and a
      silnylon shell.

      Well, its a great theory. And it is going to be cold tonight...
      maybe too cold at 10, but I may get a data point tonight or soon.

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