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450Re: Forrest Mounteering, Ltd Hammock

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  • Ed Speer <info@speerhammocks.com>
    Feb 6, 2003
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      My test of this single point suspension hammock left a bit to be
      desired. The hammock hangs from 6 straps (3 on each side) which join
      at a common point above the hammock; here the straps connect to a
      single rope that is attached to an overhead tree limb--thus the
      hammock hangs from a single rope! It hangs level and supports the
      body well; the otherwise excessive twisting or rotating can easily be
      controled by 2 shock cord guidelines staked to the ground.

      To compensate for shoulder squeeze, 3 spreader bars are installed
      above the hammock between each pair of corresponding straps.
      Unfortunately this was only partly successful--enough shoulder/body
      squeeze remained to make multi-hour use of the hammock uncomfortable.
      I only survived a few hours before retreating to the comfort of my
      regular hammock.

      However, I'm interested enough to try and modify the design to
      provide sufficient comfort--something I hope to work on later this
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