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4490more hammock pants

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  • Ray Garlington
    Jan 27, 2004
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      I tested the hammock pants with an airbag insulator. The conditions
      were 20F & breezy. Dressed in 100wt fleece inside ff Winter Wren
      sleeping bag. The rigging included the hammock, GI shell, airbag
      with 'space blanket', and hammock pants. This stuff weighs about 2.5
      lbs all together.

      Slept comfortably for 2 hours and woke with a couple of cool spots.
      I didn't feel cold at all, but felt an uncomfortable coolness at a
      couple of points. Found out that the airbag had deflated and there
      was a gap between the hammock bottom and the insulator bag.

      A fair amount of condensation had formed inside the hammock pants.

      Lessons learned: Hammock pants extend the temperature a fair amount
      (maybe 10F), but need to be made of a breathable fabric. This means
      that the airbag/hammockpants combination is good to 20F. make sure
      the bag doesn't leak.