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4479TripReport: AT, last week (15/15 Hammock)

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  • ra1@imrisk.com
    Jan 27, 2004
      I felt cold reading your report. I hate cold. I like to sleep warm.

      I was interested in your thoughts about the Speer Hammock being not as good for
      bugs or going out for a potty break...

      Having used both, I believe the Speer is only about 100 percent easier when it
      comes to a late night potty dash. But this is something which you may need to
      experience to get a feeling for.

      I read Mirage's suggestion for building an easy version of the Speer. He is
      absolutely correct. A trial version of the Speer can be built WITHOUT ANY
      SEWING, in under 15 minutes, for about $15. I have been meaning to write a
      little page on how to do so with pictures and WalMart stock numbers. Your story
      reminded me of the need to do so.

      Limitations of the 15/15 Hammock:

      - Unknown how long the hammock edges will last without a straight hem to
      reinforce them
      - No bug protection (but I have posted a simple $5 solution for that as well)

      I hope to get to the page this week.

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