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447RE: Hammock Camping Re: Does anyone have a decent pic of snakeskins in use w/ HH??

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  • Shane Steinkamp
    Feb 6, 2003
      > I love the snake skins and have retrofit all my Hennessey
      > Hammocks to use the Snakeskins. Here is a pic of
      > snakeskins on my Ultralight A-Sym:
      > SGT Rock

      Great page Sarge. I just took a bunch of pictures this last weekend showing
      my preferred use of them. They really are great!

      BTW, in item #4, you have "Pull the sleeves back to revel the hammock, if
      you packed it right, only the fly will be exposed - keeping the hammock part
      dry." While I revel in my hammock, I think in this context you mean

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