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439Re: Hammock Camping Hand Warmers

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  • stephanie <sswaim63@sbcglobal.net>
    Feb 5, 2003
      I ended up using handwarmers when I used my hammock at the
      then "record low" (for me) of 30 F. I had bought them on a whim at
      the last minute when I stopped in a store for some food right before
      getting to the trailhead. That night, shortly after getting in my
      hammock, I felt my feet getting cold. I only had a 3/4 Ridgerest and
      part of my body was going to be off it no matter what I did. I put
      the hand warmer things in my socks and boy did they work. The advice
      to use 2 pairs of sock and put them between them is good becasue
      those suckers got too hot. Haveing never used hand warmers before I
      was pretty surprised by how hot they got and even more so by how long
      they continue to generate heat. 8 hours later they were still hot.
      So, in my experience they do work. Although I now just carry two
      pieces of sleeping pad so that all my body parts can be on them.

      One of the hand warmer packs set itself off spontaneously in my pack
      and I could feel it against my back, so guess you need to try to pack
      them where they won't be squeezed.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Speer" <info@s...> wrote:
      > Yeah Jodi, that's what I'm thinking. Just wondering if it actually
      > works...Ed
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