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  • Debra Weisenstein
    Jan 13, 2004
      Nice concept. But now you need a "hammock shirt" as well. Try making
      a shorter version of the pants out of breathable material (so you
      don't suffocate yourself or drown in condensation) and mounting it
      from the other end of the hammock. Then you could climb in, pull the
      pants up from the bottom and the shirt down from the top. Maybe they
      could attach together with velcro or tie to different points on a
      ridgeline with some overlap. Alot like Shane's tube tent, but easier
      to enter and secure once you're inside.

      Though the foot problem I think may be related to feet sticking up and
      perhaps either catching more wind or crushing the insulation just
      above the toes in the sleeping bag. Maybe foot insulation that hung
      down from a ridgeline so it couldn't be crushed... I tried adding a
      tie point above the toes on my hammock bivy to prevent this, but
      haven't tested it yet.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ray Garlington"
      <rgarling@y...> wrote:
      > Cold weather settled in this weekend (1/10/2004) in central NC, so I
      > had the opportunity to try out my "bag of feathers" in the Garlington
      > Insulator shell under some colder conditions. This test was performed
      > at 19*F with a slight breeze (less than 10mph). The end result of
      > this test was a new 'invention' based on ideas presented previously:
      > hammock bivy, peapod, & travel pod. I call the new kid "Hammock
      > Pants".
      > Take a look at:
      > http://www.garlington.biz/Ray/HammockPants/HammockPants.htm
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