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4324Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: down pad hammock

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  • Shane
    Jan 7, 2004
      > If I ever get any useful tips for sewing the hook side of velcro, I
      > will pass them along, and I would hope that others would , too.

      Staple it before sewing.

      > Maybe I'll just super-glue the stuff next time :-)

      NEVER use superglue on fabric. Never use superglue on ANYTHING that isn't
      inflexible to start with.

      > btw, has anybody tried adhesives instead of sewing?

      Various kinds of rubber cement can work to hold things in place for
      stitching if you apply some to each surface to be attached then wait until
      it sets some before sticking them together. I don't think it would be
      enough on its own. Barge cement works OK. The stuff that was really good
      has all been banned...

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