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4319Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Air bladder for warmth?

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  • ra1@imrisk.com
    Jan 7, 2004
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      Warmth groupies,

      I'd like to take a page out of what Ray taught me on this and add:

      It is important, for the best protection from cold, to break up the dead air
      space into many small compartments. The insulation is best provided by layer
      upon layer of chambers. Inside each chamber there exists a convection current
      of air movement which tends to move heat across the chamber. The more layers of
      such chambers, the better the insulation.

      Down works to create a very large number of convection cells, though they are
      not air tight, they break up the convection currents into what amounts to this
      from a practical standpoint.

      Ray has used crumpled newspaper and space blankets for this purpose with good
      effect. I have recently begun using my tarp, crinkled up into the air space
      for the same reason.

      The difference between the DAM mattress and a regular beach air mattress, from
      the standpoint of insulation, is the down which fills the air mattress,
      improving the efficiency of the air space many, many fold.

      So a custom air bladder will work, but it will work much better if filled with
      something like down, fiber, foam, etc.

      It is also important to get the insulating chambers up close to the skin, at
      least making sure that no cold air can get between the insulation and the
      outside of the hammock. Foam pads do this well. Underquilts need some
      mechanism to seal their edges or (better) hold the quilt directly touching the
      hammock across its surface, without squeezing the insulation into a thin,
      useless layer.


      Quoting Ray Garlington <rgarling@...>:

      > yes, it works but you'll want to have some lightweight foam or other
      > material inside your bag to keep the warmest air near your body. The
      > main improvement you will experience with a custom made airbag over
      > commercial air matresses is the custom unit will be much lighter
      > since the under-hammock bag doesn't have to support any weight.
      > However, trashbags are good enough for a week-long trip.
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Sesa" <atypical_genuis@y...>
      > wrote:
      > > Instead of a down underquilt, would an air bladder work? I don't
      > mean
      > > an air mattress, I was thinking along the lines of an industrial air
      > > bladder, custom made, if I could find a company to make an
      > ultralight
      > > one. Thoughts?
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