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4303Re: down pad hammock

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  • ciyd01
    Jan 5, 2004
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      > We agree it may be possible that the majority of the failures he has
      > found in his research can be attributed to the difference in stretch
      > between different materials. A strip of velcro sewn to the edge of
      > the hammock almost certainly stretches at a different rate than the
      > hammock nylon it is sewn to. This may lead to the threads pulling
      > of the weaker hammock material and starting a tear. Also, a
      > stitch with polyester thread will not stretch as easily as the nylon
      > fabric.

      I would propose that you break the strip of velcro up into several
      sections and sew each of these pieces to the hammock body. This
      should allow the nylon to stretch without long lengths of chain
      stitching and may help prevent the material failure.

      I look forward to your test results.

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